Ice Code Games partners up with QED Software

Ice Code Games partners up with QED Software

#Company Life \ 22-05-2020

Ice Code Games is proud to announce a new partnership with QED Software – creators of GRAIL AI Engine, which will enable us to introduce new approach to AI opponents in video games. 

We will use this technology in our new unannounced title to provide players with fresh and engaging challenges every time they play. We aim to present a different solution to a decades old problem ensuring that AI is not predictable and dull but instead works hard to achieve its own goals like winning the game. The goal is to make the player feel like he has to devise a strategy in order to win rather than “cheat the system”. 

Grail is a comprehensive decision-making tool that provides artificial intelligence methods to be implemented in the game engine. The need to write extensive code fragments at the beginning of the project disappears streamlining the game production process. 

“Grail is the result of our R&D project, driven by the industry’s need for both reaching new frontiers of user engagement as well as increasing the quality of the development process itself. A new tool for modeling agent behavior in simulations and video games. The premise is simple – we enable the introducing of complex AI without the cost of recruiting/maintaining a team of AI experts and mathematicians.

– Piotr Biczyk Chief Strategy Officer at QED Software