Hard West 2 reception at WASD London

Hard West 2 reception at WASD London

#Hard West 2 \ 12-04-2022

Last week Hard West 2 was at WASD for a first chance to show off the game in the physical world. We missed events like this and we are very glad they are making a comeback! We have also finished a closed beta – important round of testing the game with a big group of players. 

Work on Hard West 2 is already at a very advanced stage. At the beginning of April – during the WASD in London – we presented the game to a wide audience for the first time. The very positive reception from both the fair participants and the industry media confirmed our belief that Hard West 2 will meet the requirements of the players of the first part, and at the same time a breath of fresh air in the genre of tactical turn-based strategies. Taking into account such a positive reception of the game, together with the Dutch publisher – Good Shepherd Entertainment – we decided to increase the budget of Hard West 2. Increasing the amount allocated to the production and promotion of the title gives us the opportunity to expand the final project – says Paweł Wilk, president of the board of Ice Code Games.

We also know the results of the recently completed non-public testing phase. During the game verification, we did not encounter any major problems, neither in terms of the presented gameplay, nor significant technical errors. The tests also allowed us to examine the interest in Hard West 2 – the number of players who wanted to test the game exceeded the planned number of places several times, which was a positive surprise for us – adds Paweł Wilk.

Hard West 2 will allow players to fulfill Western fantasies like high noon shootouts, bank robberies and horse chases for trains with gold. Such tasks will only be an introduction to the sometimes dark and sometimes crazy story about a gang of people connected by chance who have quarrels with unclean forces. Among the novelties that will be included in the game, the creators mention unprecedented in turn-based games – dynamic levels that allow you to recreate and experience chase scenes straight from westerns, as well as a „bravado system” that rewards good planning and bold moves of players on the map. As a result, the title produced by Ice Code Games will be a much more dynamic and exciting game than a typical representative of this genre.

The premiere of the full version of Hard West 2 for the PC version is planned for this year. The publisher is fully responsible for the production and marketing costs of the game.

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