A look back at 2020

#Company Life \ 05-01-2021

We finally did it! 2020 is no more!  

(We waited a few days to be completely sure…)

We hope this year will be at least better than the last one, and we have a lot of things planned to make it the best in ICG’s history but before we start revealing our cards we thought it’s a good time to take a look back at what we achieved last year. Although it was hard and caused all of us to deal with a situation we were never prepared for, we survived, we persevered and as a result we are very confident about what’s to come.

First of all we started working with Good Shepherd Entertainment on a new project that we’ll be able to show you later this year and trust us – it is worth the wait! 

It’s also important to mention that the work on the GameINN project called “Demiurg” is full speed ahead! We’ve assembled the team that we are confident will deliver a game-changing set of tools for game developers out there. 

We announced our partnership with QED Software – creators of GRAIL AI Engine, which we are going to utilize in our future projects. 

We visited GDC, GIC, Gamescom, Nordic Game, White Nights Moscow and TGS Taiwan and met with a lot of wonderful people. Although we couldn’t go there physically this year it was still great to connect with other game developers and see what’s in the future for our industry. And it looks fantastic! Also our staff shared their knowledge and expertise during several online events: Mateusz talked about “the new normal in a post-covid world” at Game Industry Conference, Weronika appeared on Podkarpackie Virtual Expo to explain why our industry proved to be covidproof and how it’s going to change in the future, and Kacper took on a role of a juror at #ZostanWDomuRobGry game jam organized by Fundacja Indie Games Polska.

Last, but definitely not least, we grew big this year! Despite the world being on fire, news seemingly getting crazier every day and the inability to meet future members of ICG crew in person we managed to build a team of 50 staff and close contractors who share the same goal of making 2021 our best year yet! We’ve also managed to switch from office to home office in a matter of hours and it seems we don’t mind working from home albeit we could use a company retreat or two. 🙂 

If you are curious to see what we’ve been cooking up just follow this page and get ready to hear a lot more from us this year! Starting Soon!

Have a great 2021!