Ice Code Games with 5,5 million PLN GameINN project

#Company Life \ 27-09-2019

Ice Code Games’s project was awarded a grant for a project worth almost 5,5 million PLN in GameINN contest for R&D projects.

The Company will work an a project called DEMIURG – AI-assisted video game content creation system for top-down view video games.

This project’s goal is to develop a product innovation in the form of an AI-assisted content creation system, facilitating production of video games using top-down view camera.

The main goal of the project’s result is to reduce the time needed to perform routine and labor-intensive activities with high risk of human error. The goal will be achieved, among other things, by Tagging all Components of the game. Artificial Intelligence will analyze Tags, their structure and relations between them, to provide the designer with suggestions about Components that can or should be added to the designed Game Object.

The target group of the solution are small and medium enterprises working on top-down view games, constituting about 23% of the game market. The subject of the project will be distributed via the online store of Unity game engine manufacturer. The investment will result in the implementation of product innovation on a global scale, based on the results of R&D research carried out as part of the project.

In order to achieve the intended goal, a system of integrated tools will be created, within which, AI assist will occur. The DEMIURG system consists of: Reference and Analytical Subsystem, Content Editors Subsystem, Validation Subsystem and the Modding Tool.

The implementation of the DEMIURG system as part of Applicant’s business activity will result in an increase of Applicant’s production capacity in the field of game production. Furthermore, it will expand Applicant’s target market to game developers and prosumers, resulting in further growth of company’s competitiveness.