Re-Legion is out now!

Re-Legion is out now!

#Re-legion \ 31-01-2019

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We are excited to announce that you finally can play Re-Legion. We waited for this moment for more than 2 years and now we can sit back and watch you play. 

Although we want be sitting back because we will be playing with you! We’ll be streaming here on Steam, and on Twitch!

But let’s get serious for a moment. 

Re-Legion is a collaborative work of passion that could not be made without input from each and every one of them. The road from idea to release was sometimes bumpy and longer than expected but in retrospect a very rewarding one. 

We wanted to thank our families, partners and friends for their continuing support and understanding during the production. We couldn’t have done it without it. 

And finally we want to thank YOU. Everyone who supported us during this time. Everyone we met online. Everyone that we met at PAXes, gamescom, Digital Dragons and other events we attended. Your feedback and reactions to the trailers or the game itself was helpful, informative and gave us the energy we needed to finish the game. 

Thank you! 

So what’s planned for the future? 

Right now we are focused on supporting the game and fix any bugs you guys report. Although we tested the game as much as possible there can always be bugs that we did not find. So thank you for your in-game bug reports. We’ll be working on fixing them all. 

Other than that: we want to look into the future of Re-Legion and we are working on a roadmap for that. You can helps us with that. Here(link needed) you will find a discussion on Steam regarding ideas for improving the game. If you have any thoughts, please share them with us! 

And that’s all for know. Enjoy Re-Legion!